Why Girls+ Rock Camp?

It grows and diversifies our music and art community

There remains a concerning lack of gender and cultural diversity in our local music scene, a trend which is also reflected in the over music industry in New Brunswick. The lack of diversity suggests that our music communities may not be easily accessible by all groups. By offering our summer rock camp to underrepresented groups at a young age while working with cultural organizations, we hope to support underrepresented groups and help them create and sustain a presence in the music and art community. Our organization is run by a small collective of local female/femme/gender-diverse musicians who are active in the local music scene; we have experience forming our own bands, creating, performing and promoting our own music and art around Greater Moncton and beyond. We are sharing our knowledge and providing guidance to teens in underrepresented groups and creating a supportive space for their presence in the music and art community, leading to more diversity now and in the future.

It facilitates positive social connection and friendship

One of the primary features of Girls+ Rock Camp is that it connects two generations of musicians in our community through one event. The camp is centred around positive mentoring and relating to and supporting one another. Our volunteer mentors have experience in the music scene, allowing us to support and encourage our students. We take pride in giving back to the community by passing our skills to a new generation and witnessing the benefits of this first hand. Over the course of the week, our students become more confident musically, but also socially. The positive connections and friendships formed, which are often long-lasting, are the product of the safe and socially-accepting environment created at the camp. Our final camp showcase brings members of the community together for local musical and artistic talent. By showcasing emerging talent, we can all take pride in what members of the Girls+ Rock community can achieve and collectively enjoy the successes of the 5-day camp.

It's a total blast!

No one leaves Girls+ Rock camp without having a little fun! Whether it's by making new friends, taking on a new challenge, or simply feeling safe enough to show-up and just be yourself, the camp never fails to generate a million smiles and laughs.