Our Organization

What we are

Greater Moncton Girls+ Rock Inc. is a registered non-profit community organization serving girls, transgender and gender non-conforming youth, ages 11-17, in Greater Moncton (Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe), New Brunswick, Canada.

What we’re doing


We held our second 5-day summer music camp in July, 2019. The camp offered musical instrument lessons, guided jam sessions, and several art and education-based workshops on song-writing, t-shirt/button making, band promotion, band photo shoots and more! On the final evening of camp, we held a public showcase event where students performed original songs, in their bands, for the community.


During the school year, students who have attended the summer camps are eligible to sign up for our weekly jam session program. The program offers a 2-hour long guided jam session every week for 6 weeks. Students are assigned to an instrument, form bands with their peers and learn to play cover songs together. On week 6, each band does an audio recording of a cover song which is put together with footage from all six sessions . The band music videos are available on our YouTube channel.

How we’re doing it

We offer our students access to:

1. musical instruments

2. jam-rehearsal space

3. music lessons

4. positive mentorship from local female musicians.

Our programs provide a creative outlet for our students to make friends, build confidence and learn collaborative musicianship.

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