Why Does Our Community Need Girls+ Rock Camp?

It will expand opportunities for positive mentorship to female, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth in the community.

Female/femme musicians that are currently active in the Greater Moncton music scene have experience forming their own bands and using a diverse array of creative methods to compose and promote their music. Many women in our community have extensive knowledge on how to create a unique experience for the community through art and performance at venues all around our city. Yet, they make up only a small percentage of local musicians who are actively playing shows and recording music for a wider audience. Our mentors succeed in an industry that continues to be male-dominated; they are the ideal individuals to teach and mentor our students. They will introduce techniques on an instrument in which they have expertise, guide group jam sessions, facilitate educational workshops, and be available to guide our students as they get involved in the music scene.

It will grow and diversify our music community.

Although a more diverse range of people are taking it upon themselves to support and front musical acts in our community in recent years, there remains a concerning lack of gender and cultural diversity in our music scene. This is not only the case among Moncton musicians, but it is also the case for alternative avenues of the industry (i.e., show promotion, band management, running record labels, audio engineering/production, radio hosting, disk-jockeying, etc.). The lack of diversity is problematic to us as it suggests that our music scene and is not equally accessible or inviting to everyone in our community.  By extending this camp to female, transgender, or non-binary youth in our community, and offering priority registration for People of Colour, we can provide these groups with a head-start toward entering our music community.

It will encourage pride and social connection in our community.

One of the primary features of Girls+ Rock Camp is that it can connect multiple generations of musicians in our community through one event. The program is firmly focused on relationship development between the mentors and the students. Our mentors will have an opportunity to pass on their skills to support the next generation of female, transgender and non-binary musicians in our community and to give back in a way that is meaningful to them. Our fundraiser events and the final showcase event for our students brings the community together to show support for our local female/femme musicians and artists and promote an increased sense of pride in our music and art community.