Why Girls+ Rock Camp?

It encourages connection and pride in our community.

One of the primary features of Girls+ Rock Camp is that it connects 2 generations of musicians in our community through one event. Our programming focuses on positive mentorship and our mentors are in a position, as local female musicians, to provide support, direction and encouragement to our students who are learning play music. Our mentors can take pride in giving back to the community by passing on their skills to a new generation of youth.

Our fundraising and showcase events bring members of the community together for local musical and artistic talent. We foster an increased sense of pride in our art and music community by participating in community events, showcasing local talent, promote emerging artists and working together with other community organizations.

It improves gender-based representation in our music and art community.

Cis-gender women, transgender, 2-Spirit and other gender non-conforming individuals make up a disproportionately low percentage of active local musicians in our community who are playing shows and recording music for a wider audience. The same trend can be seen in the overall music industry, for artists/performers, but also in other avenues of the industry, like show promotion, label/band management, audio engineering/production, radio hosting and DJ’ing. Our organization is run by professional local female musicians that are active in the Greater Moncton music scene and have experience forming their own bands and using a diverse array of creative methods to compose and promote their music around our city and beyond. They have navigated an industry that is largely cis-male-dominated. Now they are giving back to the community by sharing knowledge and providing guidance to teens in underrepresented groups and help them create a presence in the community .

It grows and diversifies our music community.

Although a more diverse range of talented folks are supporting and fronting musical acts in our community in recent years, there remains a concerning lack of gender and cultural diversity, overall, in our local music scene. This same trend exists in the NB music industry at large. The lack of diversity is problematic to us as it suggests that our music scene and is not equally accessible or inviting to everyone in our community. By extending our programs to underrepresented groups, working with cultural organizations and offering priority registration to First Nations and People of Colour, we hope to open the door for other groups to continue to diversify our music community.